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PENTAX’s unique deflection prisms

Product Features

Our Unique Optical Prism Design

Uniquely designed PENTAX deflection prisms*1 allows viewing below the level of direct site, enhances vision and makes it easier to identify small structures in best working posture.

Comfortable surgery is possible without blocking the light of the lighting lamp.

Bright and wide field of view

PENTAX’s unique and sophisticated design provides a bright and wide field of view.

The upright posture facing forward during operation prevents the user’s head from interfering with the surgical lights and ensures a bright field of view at all times.

Reducing eye fatigue and cervical strain

The convergence (*Note) provided by the optical system allows stress-free parallel viewing at all times.
This reduces the eye fatigue and cervical strain.

Easy shifting between magnified and actual-size views

Our loupes allows the user to switch easily between magnified and actual size view by just moving the head and only from the movement of the eyes. This allows stabilization of the magnified viewing position.

Adjustments and Other Features

The loupes can be optimised to suit the user’s needs within the range of specifications

  • – Pupil Distance PD
    The PD of the loupes can be adjusted by the user that suits his/her pupil distance.
  • Focus/ Angle /Height
    The focus, angle and height can be adjusted according to the eyes’ conditions.
  • Nose Pad
    The nose pad is adjustable to fit user’s face. Type T contains two types of the nose pads so the user can use with or without their own spectacles. The nose pad can be adjusted to fit each user’s face. The small nose pad allows the loupes to be
worn over their own eyeglasses.