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Zumax Dental Microscope

Introducing the world’s first dental microscope with integrated Full HD camera system

Product Features

BriPlus™ Illumination System

30% auto-increased intensity at maximum magnification to get more light for high magnification. When the magnification at the highest, the light spot is the smallest and when the magnification is at the lowest, the light spot is the largest

Twin Switchable LEDs Illumination
  • TruLED™ Illumination
  • Illumination:>105000 lux, color rendering reproducibility (CRI:92), LEDs present many advantages over Halogen or Xenon sources including lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, improved robustness and durability and reliability
  • BiLEDTM Illumination
  • Backup light source for accidentally shutting down of the main LED Illumination
Motorised Zoom Magnification

Convenient zoom adjustment continuously motorized in pushing-and-pulling the joystick

FreeMov® Electromagnetic System

The magnetic brakes provide an easy and precise positioning of the microscope. Just press the buttons to release handbrakes and bring the microscope in the location required